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The aging of silicone products

Many people have the question of silicone products aging . Why are the silicone products aging ?
Silicone products are usually aging after for use a long time. it is normal .Aging generally appear in polymer materials processing, storage and use process , many reason will made its performance gradually change or disappear and scraped off . The anti-aging silicone rubber is a kind of high polymer material .
Generally speaking ,the reason of aging is complicated . The reason of silicone products is Internal molecular structure is unsaturated and various groups such as hydroxy and easy to produce new chemical reaction .If we understand the silicone rubber industy , we will know that the appear of silicone rubber is a big process of the development of rubber aging .The more stably silicone key structure in new silicone rubber not easy to corrosion oxidation .
Now , we need know that how to change this situation ,anti-aging of silicone rubber can through by material structure and additive fill foreign object . This additive fill foreign object is antiager .

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