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The clamping method of CNC machine tool workpiece

Processing parts on cnc machine tools, due to the concentration of processes, often completes all processes in one installation. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to when positioning and clamping parts.
1) Combination fixtures should be used as much as possible. When the batch of workpieces is large and the precision of the workpieces is high, special fixtures can be designed.
2) Parts positioning and clamping should be taken into consideration to not interfere with the processing of various parts, tool replacement and measurement of important parts
In particular, be careful not to collide between the tool and the workpiece, or the tool and the fixture.
3) The clamping force should be close to the main supporting point or in the triangle formed by the supporting point, and should be close to the cutting part and in a place with better rigidity. Try not to be above the processed aperture to reduce part deformation.

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