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The method of slitting titanium plate and titanium alloy strip

Titanium plate and titanium alloy strip winding slitting method "its characteristic is that the uncoiling titanium and titanium alloy strip is processed by the following process line method: clamping – slitting – directional material – pressing plate – winding – winding – unwinding – packaging; The clamping is used to feed the running titanium plate belt into the longitudinal shear machine by clamping a pair of rubber surface rollers. The longitudinal shear means that the running titanium belt is cut into several narrow titanium belts of different widths along the length direction of the titanium belt through a set of disc scissors arranged on a pair of transverse shaft rollers. At the same time, two pairs of disc shears on the outermost side were used to remove the uneven part of the edge of the titanium belt. The edge wire was wrapped into the edge wire coil through the collection wheel arranged on the side of the disc shears. Directional parting means that the narrow titanium band separated by the longitudinal scissors is guided by the dividing disc arranged on a pair of transverse rubber surface rollers, and the adjacent narrow strips enter the platen platform neatly with the same gap.

Titanium plate and titanium alloy plate with roll slitting method, its characteristics are that the uncoiling of titanium and titanium alloy with the use of: clamping – slitting – directional material distribution – pressure plate – uncoiling – winding – unwinding – packaging process line method. The method of the invention can be used for longitudinal shear of titanium plate and titanium alloy plate tape coil with a length of up to 1000 meters, cut off the uneven part of the edge of the titanium strip, and divide the wide titanium strip into several narrow titanium strips of different widths according to the requirements of users. It is also possible to cut only the edges of the titanium band to keep the width of the band.

The pressing plate is a narrow titanium plate which is divided into strips and guided to the winder through the clamping of the pressing plate table. The winding is divided into rolls of different lengths according to the needs of the titanium strip after slitting through the transverse shear machine. Winding refers to the guide of the narrow titanium belt through a group of oriented material disc-shaped disks arranged above the winding spindle, which is wrapped into multiple narrow titanium coils on the same winding spindle. Discharge volume to narrow titanium belt after all bound into volumes, the coil car will hold from below titanium coil, winding machine, shrink diameter piece of loosen titanium volume inner core, through artificial narrow titanium strapping with baling belt fixed, and then turn to decorate in winding machine near the discharge volume to the narrow titanium coil lead to come from the winding shaft, then turn the discharge volume to Taiwan, the narrow titanium coil to the packaging stage wrapping paper and packaging.

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