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The same is debugging. Why is the virtual debugging engineer promoted and raised?

The same is debugging. Why is the virtual debugging engineer promoted and raised?

Why is the salary of virtual commissioning engineers generally higher than that of mechanical design engineers, electrical design engineers, and commissioning engineers in the industry?
Answer: There are two reasons worthy of our analysis:

The first is also technical talents. Currently, there are too few virtual commissioning engineers, and talents are expensive due to scarcity;

Second, the market demand is huge. Someone might say that virtual debugging technology is not only used in the automotive industry? What is the use of learning these things? Maybe everyone has forgotten one thing. The advanced manufacturing technology is almost all developed from the automobile manufacturing industry. What you said is only used in the automobile industry, that is, it has not really been popularized in the general automation industry, etc. Popularize to the automation industry, and then you transform and learn again, then you may no longer have a competitive advantage. However, opportunities will only be left to a very small number of people.

What is virtual debugging? What can you do with virtual debugging?
Answer: To put it simply, the robot program and PLC program are all debugged on the computer. The programming of the robot program is completed on the software software, and the engineer does not need to go to the site to teach point by point.

The PLC logic is also connected to the virtual device in the software to complete the logic verification, find the problem earlier, debug the problem before the device is not installed, export the offline data on the software and then export it to the real device on the spot. The trajectory of all the robots, The PLC logic relationship has been verified and only needs to be fine-tuned on site.

Isn’t virtual commissioning limited to the automotive industry?
A: Actually, when we asked this question, we overlooked one point. Almost all advanced manufacturing technologies were developed by the automotive industry. Other industries have not yet truly achieved technological transformation.

The application of virtual debugging technology in the industrial field has been popularized in European developed countries in recent years, and the current domestic use of this technology is mainly concentrated in the automobile manufacturing industry. The automation technology based on traditional programmable logic controllers is due to long on-site debugging. Time has brought loss of production and delayed the time to market for new products.
The emergence of virtual debugging technology just solves the difficulty of this technology to create a digital copy of the physical manufacturing environment through virtual technology, which can be used to test and verify the rationality of product design. For example, simulate the entire production process on a computer, including units such as robots and automation equipment, PLCs, sensors, and cameras.

Why do virtual debugging?
Answer: ① Virtual debugging can be used to program and test products in advance, which can reduce process downtime, and manufacturers can reduce the process risk of converting designs into products.

② Automation programming and software errors may have to pay a high price, especially when these errors are discovered in the production process, it takes a lot of time and money to correct them.

What kind of technicians can learn virtual debugging? What kind of people can engage in virtual debugging work?
Answer: The virtual commissioning studies the entire process of the project.

The first point is what equipment is needed to complete this process, these devices need those signals, what are the logical relationships between these signals, and what verifications need to be done for the welding process in which 6 robots participate at the same time, such as how to make the interference zone, 6 How to avoid obstacles between robots, and these things can be simulated in the software, and related offline data can be exported.

The second point is that many complex tasks such as the principle of mechanical structure movement, PLC control logic, and sensor application are intertwined. At this time, it is necessary to have relatively high work experience requirements for practitioners, especially on-site commissioning engineers who understand basic machinery. Knowledge, such as how to define fixture actions, but also PLC knowledge, how to control signal processing between peripheral devices through PLC, and its communication design.

The third point is to understand the working principles of various sensors, such as proximity sensors, safety light curtains, and light sensors. It is also necessary to have relevant on-site problem handling experience, so that the equipment debugged in a virtual environment can truly meet the requirements of real working conditions after importing data on the spot.

What benefits does virtual commissioning bring to customers?

1. time

(1) The delivery of the entire project affected by the long on-site commissioning time.

(2) The long time to resolve the problem after the on-site commissioning process has affected the delivery of the entire project.

(3) It takes a long time for engineering and technical personnel to go to the site for debugging, and the debugging progress cannot be strictly controlled. Project delivery across the country is affected by personnel, time, and distance.

(4) Customers are eager to launch new products and have high requirements for project time.

2. Quality

(1) Design problems cannot be solved in time and affect project delivery.

(2) On-site debugging environment, debugging pressure causes the project to be unable to guarantee.

(3) The quality is difficult to guarantee when the project is delivered, which affects the customer’s production quality.

3. Cost

(1) The cost of on-site debugging personnel travel and subsidies are too high.

(2) It is difficult to control the trial production cost of the equipment production line.

(3) The cost of solving design problems in the debugging process is too high.

4. Efficiency

(1) The efficiency of on-site debugging is difficult to control.

(2) The conversion efficiency is greatly affected by factors such as the quality of personnel debugging.

(3) Solve the problem of low efficiency and easy repudiation of the coordination of process, machinery, and electrical departments.

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