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The status quo of Beijing auto parts market in the early days of liberation


Beijing’s auto parts private enterprises have developed greatly, and they have quickly grown from more than 40 at the beginning to more than 20, with a capital of more than 100,000 yuan. Regarding the scale of its business and its products, it can be roughly divided into two categories: automotive materials. Mainly concentrated in the Donghuamen area, there are about 70 companies in the city, with a total capital of about 500,000 yuan. All they sell are new accessories. The car material shops are mainly concentrated in the Xuanwumen area. There are about 140 shops in the city, with a total capital of 800,000 yuan.

They sell old accessories, mainly to dig out social idle materials, arrange and decorate them before selling. Generally, the scale of operation is small. The above private auto parts companies (including dealers, vendors, and dealers) played a certain role in meeting Beijing’s auto repair and maintenance needs and ensuring the development of the transportation industry at the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, but there are also more tax evasion and tax evasion. And other issues. State-owned enterprises dealing in auto parts, with the advancement of economic construction, the production and consumption of the automobile industry are increasing day by day, and it is imperative to establish and develop state-owned enterprises dealing in auto parts. **Second time there is a public-owned enterprise. In the fall of 951, the Beijing branch of China Industrial Equipment Corporation was established (address in Baoansi Street, Xuanwu District).

This is the first public-owned enterprise to appear in the history of Beijing auto parts supply and marketing industry. China Industrial Equipment Corporation is a professional company under the Ministry of Commerce. Set up four regional companies in East China, Central South, Northeast, and Southwest China and four branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Northwest, and Shanxi. The business scope includes large and small hardware, machinery and equipment, telecommunications and transportation equipment, chemical raw materials, etc. Among them, the transportation equipment category includes various buses, cars, trucks and tires, as well as a variety of auto parts.

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