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To monopoly, Chinese high-end medical consumables industry development trend analysis

Modern medicine speed up to early detection, accurate quantitative diagnosis, slightly non-invasive treatment, individualized treatment, intelligence services and other direction to develop. And it has made new demands about medical devices in the field of innovation and development. The next five to ten years, China’s medical equipment industry and the world’s medical device market will become closer. That will have a huge impact of China’s medical device manufacturing processes, new materials, research and development level, network marketing, prompting Chinese Medical equipment products from low-end to high-end value-added product conversion. 


With the aging of our population and the strengthening policy support, the medical device market is constantly expanding. Key products, such as imaging, immunology, vaccines, biological, guardianship, high-end consumable and implant and family rehabilitation supplies and so on. The investment and development is expected to break the bottleneck. Among them, as required for orthopedic and cardiovascular interventional devices, embedded devices, artificial organs and other high value-added medical consumption materials, will usher in rapid growth opportunities. 


Medical device industry is a sunrise industry in our company. If the companies can seize the initiative from the future direction of development of medicine, the international market, domestic market policy and their own development strategies of the three linkage process, as well as a series of policies to accelerate the fall and the market demand rising, the high value consumables industry in China will usher in a new round of domestic tide.

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