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What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Used In Non-standard Sheet Metal Fabrication?

In the Sheet Metal Fabrication industry, often use all kinds of metal sheet, which is commonly used in a metal sheet metal. What are the characteristics of aluminum used in non-standard Sheet Metal Fabrication?
First of all, we have to clarify what type of aluminum plate used in non-standard shaped Sheet Metal Fabrication, it refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material obtained by pressure processing to obtain a rectangular cross-section thickness of the material. This kind of aluminum has the characteristics of good extensibility and strong resistance to tensile, so it can meet the needs of conventional shaped processing.Non-standard shaped Sheet Metal Fabrication than the conventional conventional Sheet Metal Fabrication is more difficult, so the material has a good shape, and the aluminum plate itself has a high plasticity, corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc. Of the advantages of the characteristics, so for a variety of pressure processing and tensile extension has a better ability to meet the needs of special-shaped processing.Sheet Metal Fabrication industry generally small batch, many varieties of characteristics, and the quality of customer requirements are different, so the quality of Sheet Metal Fabrication is difficult to control. To control the quality of Sheet Metal Fabrication products must do the following.1. Understand the customer, when access to new varieties or new orders to the customer's products to do a certain understanding, and understand the customer's appearance of the product, size requirements, and product use.2. Understand the requirements of customer products, according to the customer's products to choose a different process, while the drawings explain the note: such as the surface can not scratch and so on.3. Engineering Department to get the drawings for the production process (Figure), craftsmen painted a good map to go through another craftsman to check, after the completion of the inspection signed to the workshop after confirmation.4. CNC cutting, NC cutting the first piece to be in the full inspection, (CNC punch, laser cutting machine, etc.) to check the workpiece, including size, expand, etc., high-volume production must be the first piece of the first test qualified To mass production.5. Bend the direction of bending and bending the size of the first piece of confirmation, after confirmation of the beginning of mass production. Replace the operator or replace the mold to re-test.6. Finished product, the finished product or bending finished products according to the requirements of the drawings to check the size of the sample inspection to check each size to be confirmed at the same time to the appearance of the full inspection of the unqualified to timely adjustment, Check again and fill out the inspection report form.7. Surface treatment, the surface treatment of the product appearance of the full inspection.8. Goods shipped, not through the inspection of the product shall not be shipped.9. The first requirements of the operator inspection, finished the same operator check the inspection, after the inspection of qualified inspectors to sign the library, such as the operator does not check, this batch of products without fees.
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