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What are the characteristics of the common clip tools ?

Characteristics of common fixturesHow to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of product technology? What methods can be used to solve the above problems? We studied the characteristics of a common fixture:(1) Repeat positioning accuracy is required within ± 0.002mm.(2) Strong rigidity, meeting the requirements of cutting.(3) It has a wide range of applications and can be suitable for different working mother machines, including milling machines, lathes, tool boring machines, cnc machining centers, wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machines and other machine tools.(4) It has good expandability and can meet various production methods such as manual, semi-automatic, whole-plant automation, and unmanned. Due to the increase of production tasks and work needs, accessories can be added.(5) With operation error prevention device, the work transfer is very smooth, which can prevent processing errors and delayed delivery due to improper contact.(6) Easy to operate, no need to rely on skilled technicians, any operator can get the same accuracy and effect.(7) Workpiece replacement should be done quickly and reliably. It can be completed in a short time, no matter whether it is manual operation or robotic hand loading and unloading.(8) Requires versatility and flexibility to adapt to batch changes, ranging from single-piece production to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Research shows that only by adopting a variety of common processing methods and production equipment can it be economically and effectively adapted to such multi-variety production.
    There is still a big gap between China and world-class tool and mold manufacturing enterprises. In response to this big problem, many industry insiders in China and domestic experts made investigations and found that there are a series of problems in the process of the domestic mold industry.(1) The current situation of the use of fixtures in the domestic mold manufacturing industry is generally:         Working table of CNC milling machine and EDM, using vise;         EDM, surface grinder working table, using disks;        Wire cutting machine, die boring machine working table, using a pressure plate;         Lathes, cylindrical grinders use chucks.(2) The precision requirements of the mold are getting higher and higher, and the shape is becoming more and more complicated. The cumulative error of artificial multiple processes has become a prominent problem.(3) It is common to fail to meet the requirements of shorter and shorter delivery times.(4) Technical personnel are generally inadequate.(5) Different clamping methods are used in different machines, and different fixtures lack commonality with each other, which is one of the main reasons for the low utilization rate of machinery.
According to survey statistics, the mold manufacturing man-hours of the general working machine have a total of 1800 hours per year (based on 255 working days a year, 8 hours per shift), but the actual processing hours are only 800 hours, and the remaining 1000 hours are machine shutdown conditions. Including the calibration of installation work and manpower deployment, the average utilization rate of each machine is less than 50%.
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