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What are the common tools for CNC machining centers

Some novice friends don’t know what tools are needed besides buying a new CNC machining center. Below are the common tools of CNC machining center.
1 air compressor
2 regulator
3 tool holder (with lock tool holder)
4 handles
5 knives
6 lock knife wrench
7 machine tool hydraulic oil (if required)
8 machine tool lubricants
9 cutting fluid
10 fixture

2. The principle of matching tools, accessories and knives:
1. When purchasing tool accessories, you should fully understand the company’s machine tool category, the specifications and models of various accessories, the brand that the company requires to buy, and find a powerful tool and accessories company for consultation. The best suppliers have professional CNC technical engineers to follow The configuration plan according to the company’s requirements is both easy and satisfying. There are several brands for every tool accessories in this line, such as: Japanese, Taiwanese, European and American, domestic, and each has its own advantages in price and quality.
2. The selection of cutting tools should be based on the company’s machining requirements and quality, processing materials, etc., and choose Japanese, Taiwanese, European, American, and domestic ones. At the same time, buyers should not repeatedly compare prices without comprehensive cost performance. Tungsten milling cutters are ordinary and ordinary flying all over the sky. It is difficult to purchase this project and it is complicated. You should choose some companies that have their own production workshops, technical engineers with knives and some technical support to cooperate, so as to ensure the delivery time, quality, and understanding of the technical parameters. Improve the company’s production quality.

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