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What are the components of face recognition equipment

As we all know, the achievements of scientific and technological development in recent years are very significant, and face recognition equipment is also emerging in endlessly. Face recognition equipment can be applied to both payment and security. So many of my friends may not know what components are there. Today, the editor of the die-casting Mold factory is Let’s analyze it.


1. Facial recognition equipment accessories including shell

Two, face recognition equipment bracket

3. Electronic motherboards and chips for face recognition equipment

Four, face recognition equipment camera

Five, face recognition device speaker

Six, there are data lines, etc.

Many of the shells in the face recognition equipment are made of aluminum alloy die-casting. The aluminum die-casting shell has strong metal feel, strong and durable, and high-grade. Our company specializes in customizing various electronic product die-casting accessories, including facial recognition equipment accessories. Many success stories.

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