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What Are The Methods Of CNC Lathe Machining Workpieces ?

Workpiece clamping method for CNC lathe processing:       1. All clampings of CNC lathe processing workpieces are horizontally long and vertically short.       2. CNC lathe processing vise clamping: the clamping height should not be less than 10 mm, and the clamping height and processing height must be specified when processing the workpiece. The processing height should be about 5 mm higher than the solid of the vise. The purpose is to ensure sturdiness without hurting the vise.
This kind of clamping is a common clamping. The clamping height is also related to the size of the workpiece. The larger the workpiece, the higher the clamping height.       3, CNC lathe processing splint clamping: the splint is coded on the task table, and the workpiece is locked with the screw on the splint. This type of clamping is suitable for workpieces that cannot be clamped with a high height and a large processing force, and ordinary medium and large workpieces. , The effect is better.

      4, CNC lathe machining code iron clamping: when the workpiece is relatively large, the clamping height is not enough, and it is not allowed to lock the wire at the bottom, you need to use the code iron clamping. This kind of clamping requires secondary clamping. Firstly, the four corners are coded, and the other parts are processed. Then, the four sides are coded, and the four corners are processed. During the second clamping, the workpiece cannot be loosened. It is also possible to code both sides first and then process the other two sides.       5. The clamping of CNC lathe processing tools: the diameter should be more than 10mm, the clamping length cannot be less than 30mm; the diameter should be less than 10mm, and the clamping length cannot be less than 20mm.The tool must be clamped firmly, and it is forbidden to bump the tool and indirectly pull out the workpiece.
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