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What are the surface defect when CNC machining stainless steel ?

What are the surface defect when cnc machining stainless steel ?
1 Weld defect: The weld defect is serious, and it is compensated by manual mechanical grinding method. The resulting grinding marks cause uneven surface and affect the appearance.2 Inconsistent surface: only the pickling passivation of the weld seam also causes uneven surface and affects the appearance.3 Scratch is difficult to remove: the whole pickling passivation can not remove all the scratches generated during the processing, and it can not remove the carbon steel, splash and other impurities adhered to the stainless steel surface due to scratches and welding splashes. Corrosion occurs due to chemical or electrochemical corrosion in the presence of corrosive media. Seamless steel pipe price, Tianjin seamless steel pipe, oil casing, 12cr1mov, seamless steel pipe price, precision seamless steel pipe, 16mn seamless steel pipe, 15crmo alloy pipe, q345b seamless pipe, q345b seamless steel pipe, Tianjin 27simn steel pipe, pipeline Pipe, 35crmo steel pipe, 12cr1mov alloy pipe, high pressure alloy pipe, Chongqing seamless steel pipe, bearing steel pipe, alloy pipe, Shandong steel pipe, precision seamless steel pipe, Tianjin seamless pipe, 15crmo steel pipe, Tianjin square pipe price, oil casing, high pressure Alloy tube.4 Grinding and polishing passivation unevenness: After picking and polishing, pickling and passivation treatment is carried out. It is difficult to achieve uniform and uniform treatment effect on the workpiece with large area, and the ideal uniform surface cannot be obtained. And the cost of working hours and the cost of auxiliary materials are also high.5 Pickling ability is limited: pickling passivation paste is not a panacea, it is difficult to remove for plasma cutting, flame cutting and black scale.6 Scratches caused by factors are more serious: during the hoisting, transportation and structural processing, the scratches caused by human factors such as bumping, dragging and hammering are serious, which makes the surface treatment more difficult and also causes rust after treatment. main reason.7 Equipment factors: In the process of profile, sheet bending and bending, scratches and creases are also the main cause of corrosion after treatment.8 Other factors: During the process of purchasing and storing stainless steel raw materials, bumps and scratches caused by lifting and transportation are also serious, and it is also one of the causes of rust.
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