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What changes will be made to the construction of the basic unit of mechanical parts processing ?

Precision CNC-machining parts manufacturers believe that large-scale machining is very important for the construction of this city, so their workload is very large, the amount of processing required per day is very large, if you choose as much as possible during processing Recycling raw materials, using energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-consumption processing machines, will result in less pollution. In general, the requirements for employees in large-scale machining are very strict. It is necessary to complete the tasks within the specified time. In the production process, the process directly related to the conversion of raw materials into products is called the process. It includes blank manufacturing, part processing, heat treatment, quality inspection and machine assembly. In order to ensure the normal process of the process, the tool and fixture manufacturing, machine tool adjustment and maintenance, etc. are auxiliary processes. In the process, the processing method of Dalian large mechanical parts gradually changes the shape, size, relative position and performance of the blank in a certain order until the part that becomes a qualified part is called the machining process. The mechanical processing technicians determine the process used according to the number of products, equipment conditions and the quality of the workers, and write the relevant contents into process documents. Such documents are called process procedures. In order to facilitate the preparation, execution and production organization management of the process, the process needs to be divided into different levels of units. They are processes, installations, workstations, work steps and passes.
CNC-Machining The process is the basic unit in the process. The machining process of a part consists of several processes. There may be one or several installations in a single operation. Each installation may contain one or several stations. Each station may contain one or several work steps. Each work step may include one or several passes. . The forced vibration of machining is the vibration caused by the periodic interference force of the external process system. Forced vibration in machining is no different from forced vibration in general machinery. The frequency of forced vibration is the same as the frequency of the interference force or its multiple.
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