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What Is 3 Common Cooking Spoon In Kitchen Called?

What is 3 common cooking spoon on kitchen called?Cooking spoon, is a kind of common kitchen utensil and gadget in kitchen. It is used for several purposes, such as stirring, serving and transferring food. Those cooking spoons are splited into different types according to their different usages.silicone is a inert material resistant to  extrem environment as well as extrem temperature. The safe temperature of silicone products, generally speaking, is between 40℃~230℃. It means that it’s less likely to warp or melt in direct heat. In recently, when you walk in supermarket, silicone cooking spoon always can be found on goods display shelf. It seems that silicone cooking spoon has become trend.Here are 5 differnt types silicone cooking spoon as below:Stirring spoonStirring spoon with a flat headWhen you are cooking, you need to stir stirring your cooking food frequently in case of over-cook your food. Silicone stirring spoon with wooden handle, it's head and handle is not all as one piece. And the spoon head is flat. This stiring spoon can not only be used to stir foods but also transporting semi-solid food such as cream, flour paste.Slotted spoonSlotted spoon with a wooden handleSlotted spoon is a spoon with several big slots. These slots make it easy to move some big size food from liquid. The majority of water to fall away from these slots and the food is left on the slotted spoon. If you want to move most of boiled meat and vegetable from soup, this slotted spoon is helpful.Spoon ColanderSpoon ColanderWeishun is a manufacturer produce and supply silicone different kids of matrial cooking utensils, including different types, differnt sizes and different shapes cooking spoon. Welcome to contact us for more informations

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