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What Is The Best Baby Teething Toys

Relieve tooth pain – when all babies feel the need to grasp and chew everything, the baby teething toys have a texture surface approved by the baby, which helps to relieve the pain of teething. The silicone baby teething toys can be refrigerated to obtain additional soothing ability, so as to reduce the gum injury and help the new teeth sprout more easily.

Safe and soft – the baby teething toys are made of 100% high quality environmental protection food gardening silica gel, BPA Free, safe and soft. Protect gums and mouth. Baby teething toys only needs to be disinfected with boiling water.

Natural skin touch – 100% BPA Free soft silica gel, baby feel like sucking fingers, baby gum toys are easier to accept, prevent baby sucking fingers, causing bacteria to enter.

Portable design – the teething toy is small and compact, which makes the boy's gum easy to grasp (suitable for the baby) and easy to pack (for you). When the baby is irritable and uncomfortable when moving, it is the perfect supplement for diaper bag.

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