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What is the difference between CNC machine tools and general machine tools?

What is a cnc machine tool? What is the difference between it and general machine tools?
A machine tool is a machine that makes a machine, and it is also a machine that can make a machine tool itself. Turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, electric discharge, shearing, bending, laser cutting, etc. are all machining methods. The so-called machining is to process metal blank parts into the required shape, including dimensions. Accuracy and geometric accuracy are two aspects. Equipment that can perform the above functions are called machine tools. cnc machine tools are developed from general machine tools. CNC machine tools are high-precision and high-efficiency automated machine tools. Numerical control means digital control.
CNC machine tools
A CNC machine tool, in short, is a digitally controlled machine tool, which is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. The system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instruction rules, decode them, and then make the machine tool move and process parts. The control unit of the CNC machine tool The operation and monitoring of the CNC machine tool are all completed in this CNC unit, which is the brain of the CNC machine tool. The numerical control equipment we generally refer to is mainly index-controlled lathes and machining centers.
CNC machine tools
The use of CNC machine tools to complete the processing process has characteristics that are not comparable to ordinary machine tools:

1. The productivity can be greatly improved. After the workpiece is clamped, input the programmed machining program, and the machine tool will automatically complete the machining process. When machining parts are changed, generally only the CNC program needs to be changed, thus greatly shortening the machining time, and then it can be several times more than the general machine tool travel productivity.

2. It has high processing accuracy and product quality is very stable. Because of the automatic processing according to the program, the processing accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software, so extremely high processing accuracy can be obtained. At present, the high, precise and cutting-edge products in various enterprises are almost processed by CNC machine tools.
CNC machine tools
3. The high degree of automation greatly reduces the labor intensity, and to a large extent dilutes the difference between physical labor and mental labor. The operation process of the CNC machine tool operator has a high technological content, and the actual requirements for the operators are higher, and the requirements for the skills of the repair personnel are higher. It is no longer a “blue-collar worker” in the previous sense. People who can operate CNC machine tools are called “gray collars”; people who know how to repair CNC machine tools are called “silver collars”; CNC generalists who can operate and repair are called “golden collars”.

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