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What Kind Of Silicone Spatulas You Can Buy From Us?

Do you need kitchen spatulas?The spatula is an essential, multi-purpose kitchen tool. It may made of metal or other heat resistant material. Bright colors silicone spatulas, are the products which Weishun factory can manufacture and sell.Used in baking batter prepareation, it is called mixing spatula. Silicone baking spatulas can gently scrap out the contents without scratching the surface of containers. It also frequently be used to stir, fold and blend batters and other mixtures.The mixing spatula have a wide and thin blade.The thin and with edge spatula head make it easy to scrap clean out batter on the mixing bowl. And the wide spatula head design is in order to satisfy the needs of transfering things like batter or flour.The spatulas designed for the use of spreading a substance onto a flat surface when cake & pastry making are called icing spatula, frosting spatula or palette knife.Silicone icing spatula is great for frosting your cake. It generally has angled shape spatula head, thin and long. The head of  frosting spatula designed in an angled shape in order to reduce the posibility of touching buttercream or jam when frosting your cakes.Spatulas with a long  hand-held handle are called cooking spatula. It is used for lifting, flipping, or spreading food in pan.

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