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What materials are needed for processing center equipment leasing

Machining center equipment leasing is currently one of the most frequently operated financing methods; when customers need to do equipment leasing, the leasing company needs to have a certain understanding of your company; so there will be a process, this process is generally 5-10 The working day, the longest may be 30 days; the leasing company’s understanding of you is based on the information you provide, so these information is very important.

Machining Center Equipment Rental Information

  • 1. Business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, bank account opening permit
  • 2, Articles of Association, Capital Verification Report, Billing Information
  • 3, the company’s legal person, shareholder, actual operator ID copy
  • 4. Workshop lease contract (if you own, please provide real estate certificate)
  • 5, *Personal bank statement for the past six months (
  • 6. Copy of personal real estate certificate (only for financial proof, not mortgage)
  • 7. The contract of this order of equipment and a copy of the deposit delivery certificate
  • 8. Personal credit report of the actual operator

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