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What metals can be implanted in the body?

Medical precious metal, medical stainless steel, medical cobalt-based alloy, medical titanium alloy bar, medical titanium nickel alloy, metal bone needle, dental cover.

Ent: it is mainly used for manufacturing retinal detachment suture fixing ring, artificial eye, artificial throat, artificial ear conductor and eyelid functional adjustment, etc.

Stomatology department: mainly used for manufacturing dentures, crowns, teeth, Bridges, braces, dental implants, orthodontic filaments, dental caries filling materials, etc.

Orthopedics: mainly used for the manufacture of various artificial bones, artificial joints and internal fixation devices for fracture. Such as artificial vertebral body, knee joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint, knuckle, fracture internal fixation plate, compression plate, bone screw, bone nail, bone needle, bone wire, orthopedic rod and so on.

Craniocerebral surgery: mainly used for manufacturing cranium, bone plate, cerebral artery clamp, etc.

Cardiovascular department: it is mainly used for manufacturing artificial heart valves, pacemakers, implanted electrodes, artificial cardiovascular system, various kinds of vasodilating stents, embolization devices and clotting filters.

Others: for the manufacture of intrauterine contraceptive devices, fallopian tube blockages, prostate expansion stents, radioactive isotope sources and tumor therapy drug carriers, artificial muscles with regular contraction, as well as various implanted electronic therapy devices, biosensors, etc.

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