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What Should be Paid Attention to in the Maintenance of Solar LED Street Lights?

Solar street lights are now common, and solar street lights have been installed in cities, towns and villages. Solar street lights are not only simple to install, no wires are needed, labor and material resources are saved, wiring costs are saved, and no utility power is required, electricity costs are saved, and there is no concern about power outages. However, solar street lights are greatly affected by the weather environment, and damage will occur. We need to pay attention to some problems.

1. Weather effects

In summer, many convective weather, in case of severe winds, heavy rains and other bad conditions, should pay attention to check the overall sealing performance of solar panels, light poles, lamp holders and lines, whether there is cracking of the line or the foundation is not stable. After all, the led street lights meet once the line If there is water, it will definitely be a problem.

2, The impact of trees

Many people will say that the impact of trees, the country is now more important for greening, resulting in many led street lighting projects will follow the corresponding tree greening projects, but the summer storms are easy to dump these trees, destroying the led street lamp foundation Or directly damage the led street light. The countermeasure is to follow up the corresponding tree trimming and fixing work, to ensure that the stability of the trees can greatly reduce the damage of the trees in the summer stormy weather.

3, Temperature effects

In the summer, rural solar street lamp manufacturers led street lights. If there is a shower after the exposure, it is also necessary to check and maintain regularly. The summer lightning has an impact on the led street light. However, nowadays the company will carry out lightning protection design for the LED street light to ensure the LED street light. The performance of normal performance.

4, Battery

The storage of the battery should be ventilated and anti-theft, so it is generally installed in the base of the solar street light pole. When the solar street light works normally, the battery charge and discharge process should be checked frequently. It is necessary to observe whether the electrode or wiring of the solar street light has corrosion. If this phenomenon exists, it should be dealt with in time to avoid unnecessary big mistakes.

5, The impact of dust

The lighting surface of the solar panel should be kept clean frequently. If there is dust or other dirt, the rural solar street lamp manufacturer recommends that the water should be rinsed first, then clean the water with a clean gauze. Do not use hard objects or corrosive solvent rinse.

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