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“What to do if the punch is dead” solution

It depends on what the punch is. Generally, most of the old flywheel models can be reversed. You can reverse the vehicle by tightening the jumper!

Just release the pressure on the new hydraulic press with insurance, and then just lock it. Look at the instruction manual!

According to regulations, two rigid clutches are generally used to drive the crankshaft for more than 100 tons, so it can be reversed, but you should use the jog method, and don’t turn it over and break the clutch. In addition, for reversing, you can first add an iron rod by hand and insert it into the small flywheel to slowly turn it down to see if it can turn.

Generally, it is not possible to withdraw from a card that is too deadly. If it doesn’t work, use the wrench to adjust the mold and use the afterburner to turn the adjustment screw up. If the pressure of the air source is not very high when the top dead, you can use the method of increasing the air pressure, if it is a split gantry punch, you can loosen the 4 pull posts of the fuselage.

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